Most people have had a pleasant experience with wine – over a nice dinner, at an event or simply with friends at home. Not many can recall the pleasure of shopping for wine.

Usually, it takes quite a bit of knowledge and experience to wade through the choices – and one is always fearful of making the wrong one. We wanted to eliminate that fear and extend the favorable experience on the retail side. We have built our brand value on providing a positive experience for our customers above all else. Winestore is the result of that concept – a contemporary solution to the wine purchasing experience.

All the aesthetic decisions for the identity were derived in order to distinguish Winestore from other wine shops by being innovative as well as approachable. Winestore is about celebrating the individuality of each brand of wine it sells, as well as the experience.

Meet Doug Frost - Our Official Sommelier

If the distinctions he has earned are any indication, Doug Frost has done a heck of a lot of drinking in his time.

Frost, a Kansas City writer is one of only four people in the world to be both a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine. He has authored three books: The Far from Ordinary Spanish Wine Buying Guide (2005), Uncorking Wine (1996), and On Wine, a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Tells All (2001). He is director of the Jefferson Cup Invitational, founder of the America’s Best Wine Lists competition, and founding partner of Beverage Alcohol Resource, a new educational and consulting company (along with Dale DeGroff and David Wondrich, among others).