4th of July Specials - Save up to 60%!


July 4th Specials!

June 22nd - July 4th, 2021

*Please note our stores will be closed on July 4th, 2020 - but the sale prices will all be active on our website through midnight on July 4th.*

*Curbside Pickup Always Available*

So in 2018 and 2019, with July 4th falling on a Wednesday and a Thursday, we could not figure out if people were celebrating the weekend before or after - so we ran our 4th of July sale for an entire week. You guys responded that you were loving that idea.

In 2020, with the 4th falling on a Saturday, we want to make sure those of you who celebrated the week before the 4th and the week after the 4th could get in on the action. So what did that mean? Running the sale for almost two weeks, of course :)

The response to that was, shall we say, extremely strong.

So we are in 2021, and we are going to stick with the two week sale!

That means you get to purchase wine at silly prices for 13 days AND you get to celebrate the 4th the week before and the week after the actual 4th of July! You have our permission. Some of you may wish to celebrate the whole month of July, and we are on board with that plan 😁

Quick note - ALL of these sale items are offered to you at the lowest online prices in the USA. Boom! (that was a big firework going off, just fyi)

So Happy Birthday America! And of course, THANK YOU ALL for the opportunity to serve you. We are humbled by your support and we strive to earn your business each and every day.

Let's do this people!

2020 Raffaello Prosecco Rosé
Release Price: $15.00
SALE Price: $8.99 (net)
SAVE 40%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

So Raphael dal Bo is a real guy, born and raised in Conegliano, the beating heart of Prosecco, who makes some of the best sparkling in the game.

2020 SWIMBAD Rosé
Release Price: $15.00
winestore. Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 33%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Rosé is the tipple of the tempting whether we are in Touraine, Tempe, Tuscaloosa, Tuscany or Saint-Tropez. Provence, the archetypal French vacationland, is the poster child for what modern rosé ought to be. Pale, quenching, lip-smacking.

2019 Castelet Saint Peyran
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $10.99 (net)
SAVE 45%
Lowest Online Price in the USA!

We like the Vellas family; we buy a lot of their wines. Why? Because they have 100s of acres at their disposal in southern France? Yes, true. Is it because they consistently offer us wines that reflect their place (places like Pic-Saint-Loup)? Sure, that too. But, actually, it’s because value in French wine can be hard to find and the Vellas family just keeps bringing it to us. Rich, expansive Syrah for this kind of money? Yeah, yeah, that’s why.

2016 Lillie's Collection Red
Release Price: $29.95 (Click HERE to see)
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 67%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Guenoc Winery Langtry Estate Lillie’s Collection Victorian Claret –The Langtry estate’s history is not just that it was planted by Lillie Langtry, a once famed and adventurous Victorian actress. The vineyard was nearly forgotten but rescued back in the 1970s by Orville Magoon. This is nearly two-thirds Petite Sirah – the grape was Orville’s obsession - with 35% Merlot and few points of Cabernet Sauvignon.

2019 Prejuges Chardonnay
Release Price: $18.00
winestore. Price: $10.99 (net)
SAVE 39%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Cabardès has not always been a favored site but its intense limestone soils are beginning to consistently offer Burgundy-like nerve. It’s tasty wine, but maybe the best part of the story is that Cabardès is named for the 13th Century Lords of Cabaret – seriously. Picture Joel Grey or Alan Cumming astride white stallions, swords a-glinter in the sunlight, horses prancing. Okay, you just can’t un-see that image, can you? Drink this incredibly tasty number and try to forget we said this.

2019 Sonoma Cutrer Russian River Ranches Chardonnay
Winery Price: $28.00
SALE PRICE: $16.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 39%
Lowest Online Price in the USA!

It's Sonoma Cutrer - what more do we really need to say? Oak, Vanilla, butter - all that you expect from a great California Chard and then a little extra thrown in for good measure...

2018 Double Ripasse
Release Price: $35.00
SALE Price: $19.99 (net)
SAVE 43%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre are happy bedfellows from anywhere, and the Vellas family has sites throughout Mediterranean France that allow balance as well as intensity to be achieved. But the curiouser element to this wine is the name. My French is pretty damned elementary and “double ripasse” doesn't appear on any of the slang sites I can find. In wine terms, ripasse is to press or to squeeze, and that typically means someone has made wine from grapes but held onto the skins. Then they dump fresh must onto to those once-squeezed skins, using the new juice to soak more flavor (and often tannin and earthiness) from the skins. But then there is the picture on the label and the Vellas propensity to pun – they’ve a lot of those up their sleeves. So if you know why “double ripasse” somehow translates to burning money, please let us know. Until then, enjoy the rich, earthy character and texture.

2020 Escorlada
winestore. Price: $19.99
SALE Price: $17.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 10%
Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Spanish wine is a bargain, right? It’s been that way for decades, though it’s only been in the last ten or fifteen years that the wider world has dropped some in their gullets and said, wait, this costs how much? Certainly, less than it should. It doesn't take geniuses to notice it, so we’re not making any claims to our own brilliance. In the case of this Garnacha Tintorera, we’re pretty sure we’ve found what may be the best sub $20 wine we have ever tasted. Spain has done it again!

2019 Clos Delfines
Release Price: $18.00
SALE Price: $10.99 (net)
SAVE 39%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Albarino is Spain's most successful white wine and Clos Delfines is a benchmark for the style: crisp, green apple, pear and peach skins.

2019 Rocoiseau Viognier
Release Price: $12.99
SALE Price: $7.99 (net)
SAVE 38%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

More than a half century ago Viognier was forgotten; near extinct. In the 1980s things blew up, with acreages quintupling. There were a few successes, but most just didn't do justice to the grape. Winegrowers eventually found the ideal conditions, while the Viogniers of the Rhone have become pricey and sought-after. Elevated spots in the Pays d’Oc are this wine’s source; to a great degree this is the grape’s frontier now.

2019 Chazeaux des Beauchottes
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $7.99 (net)
SAVE 60%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

In warmer spots in the southern region of Languedoc-Roussillon, Pinot Noir can prosper but only in the cooler sites. With Chazeaux des Beuchottes, these cooler sites help produce complex, bright and fresh Pinot Noir. At this price, we dare you to find better Pinot Value!

2019 Les Peyrautins Pinot Noir
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 50%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!
You have been told that Pinot Noir is the most finicky of grapes; indeed, it’s supposed to be the “heartbreak grape.” The statement is not false but it’s also not completely true. To make great Pinot noir is bloody difficult and to do it consistently is virtually impossible, unless you’re in some famous place. But that’s true of most grapes. It’s true that Pinot noir grown in the wrong place is pretty dreadful, maybe more dreadful than most other grapes. But the middle ground has plenty of wealth to it – you need a friendly place for grape growing but not too friendly. With France’s Pays d’Oc, there are places where it’s easy to ripen grapes and areas that offer just enough challenge to coax Pinot Noir into showing its friendly and compelling side. This is an ideal example.

2019 P/N Pinot Noir
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net)
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the US!

Put together a bunch of passionate kids (some with backgrounds selling wines for legends such as Eric Solomon and Martine Saunier) deeply immersed in the California biz and you can find some pretty tasty wines. That's what they did and that's what we have here.

NV Kingstree Proprietary Red
Release Price: $45.00
SALE Price: $19.99 (net)
SAVE 56%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

I'll be honest. Wines of this quality at this price are few and far between as vintners continue to try and stretch their prices further and further. It's a big and bold red from your friends at Pavilion...these guys know what they are doing!

2018 Bodegas Lo Nuevo "Corasado"
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net)
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Bodegas Lo Nuevo has unquestionably modernized their winery; it’s practically a technical marvel now. But what makes these wines special is the place, Jumilla, with its intense weather. It’s tough ground for most grapes, but Monastrell (the French, who borrowed it from Spain, call it Mourvedre) and Cariñena (once again, a borrowed grape dubbed Carignan by the French) can thrive here.

2018 Highland Falls Proprietary Red
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 50%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

"Mountain-grown, it’s the richest kind,” as coffee commercials used to say, but it’s also true of Cabernet. Foley Family's pedigree doesn’t hurt either: the guys who bring you Merus, Chalone and Chalk Hill Wines are behind the powerhouse Highland Falls lineup too.

2019 Orlaida Red Blend
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Bodegas Lo Nuevo's success has allowed them to spread their wings to other prestigious regions. Their Montsant projects have brought them perhaps even more fame than in Jumilla. Orlaida could become a benchmark for the potential of Montsant. The vineyards for their Garnacha are at 2,000 ft. in altitude in the area of Cornudella de Montsant, with Priorat like slate soils. Cariñena vineyards in Darmós and Masrig are on clay soils, and the Syrah vines are located on limestone.

2019 Cape Charles Sauvignon Blanc
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net)
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

After killing it with the AVERÆN project in Oregon, the Banshee gang is hard at work again in Washington. They’ve grabbed some vineyards in Walla Walla Valley and we’re smart enough to snag some of their early efforts. There’s not a lot of Sauvignon Blanc grown in these spots, but what is there produces wines like this one: poised, more bright melon and citrus - just the way it should be.

2017 Mas de Corasado
Release Price: $75.00
SALE Price: $34.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 53%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Monastrell and Carignan, this wine is aged for 18 months in French Oak barrels and then bottled in what may be the heaviest piece of glass in all of winedom :)

2020 SWIMBAD White Wine
Release Price: $15.00
winestore. Price: $9.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 33%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Swimbad White is a tangy, refreshing white wine from southwest France, an ideal source of seafood worthy wines. The Bordeaux region has been reliant upon Sauvignon Blanc for decades, that much is well-known, but other, less celebrated grapes have been crucial in Bordeaux. Colombard is a relatively neutral grape but, every now and then, in the right spot, the grape takes on texture and richness. Between the tangy citrus of Sauvignon Blanc and the weight of Colombard, this embodies both the classic style of traditional French white wine and the very modern pursuit of fresh fruity flavors.

2019 La Petite Gargotte Blanc
Release Price: $14.99
SALE Price: $7.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 47%
Lowest Online Price in the USA!

The Comte Tolosan region encompasses famed wine regions: Jurancon, Cahors and Armagnac. Typically, the white wines are based upon neutral grapes like Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche, or more aromatic grapes like Petit Manseng or Gros Manseng. While few of these grapes have distinctive personalities, if you put them into a harmonious blend, they can be pretty charming.

NV Raffaello Prosecco
Release Price: $15.00
winestore. Price: $8.99 (net)
SAVE 40%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Until recently, for Australian producers (and others), Prosecco was a grape and not a place. Recent changes Italy made to how Prosecco is classified, by renaming the grape in these wines as Glera and deeming Prosecco a place and not a grape, mooted any possibility of other countries insisting that they were just naming their wines Prosecco as a varietal designation. Maybe it helped, but Prosecco blew up, internationally speaking. Raffaello is by far, in a sea of Prosecco producers, the best value we have ever tasted.

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