Memorial Day Specials - Our Largest Sale Ever!


Memorial Day Specials!

May 25th - 31st, 2021

It kinda feels like things are starting to get back to normal, and that means we need to put on a Memorial Day sale that will simply put shame to all of our previous Memorial Day sales.

Memorial Day Weekend is a time to give thanks to those who have given their life to serve our country. It's the weekend that kicks off summer, and rings in the end of the school year. Pools open and grills fire up. Kids get ready for camp. Life is good, right?

So this week we're gonna be playing songs like this song on repeat in the store (seriously, that song is my fave), while we're also rolling out our largest Memorial Day Sale ever, with prices that hit the wallet just right.

Some of the gems below we have never marked down to these prices, so don't wait around until we realize what we have done!

As always, thank you for your business. We continue to be humbled by the opportunity to serve you.

Let's do this people!!

We continue to recommend using our website (HERE) and choosing in store / curbside pickup, and we will walk your order out and place it in your car.

2019 Larme en Rose
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 50%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

If you stick around the wine business long enough, you’ll have seen it all. Where once wine coolers were cooler than Liebfraumilch, now hard seltzer is hot (served cold). White Zin was once de rigeur, though it was never French; it was from the good ol’ US of A. But then that became too sweet and the category died. Or seemed to. Because then rosé rose up like a zombie eager for fresh meat, though the current iteration of the pink stuff is more often French than not. Provence is the epicenter of it and the French have figured out how we like it: dry, pale pink, light and refreshing.

2020 SWIMBAD Rosé
Release Price: $15.00
winestore. Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 33%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Rosé is the tipple of the tempting whether we are in Touraine, Tempe, Tuscaloosa, Tuscany or Saint-Tropez. Provence, the archetypal French vacationland, is the poster child for what modern rosé ought to be. Pale, quenching, lip-smacking.

2019 Cape Charles Sauvignon Blanc
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net)
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

After killing it with the AVERÆN project in Oregon, the Banshee gang is hard at work again in Washington. They’ve grabbed some vineyards in Walla Walla Valley and we’re smart enough to snag some of their early efforts. There’s not a lot of Sauvignon Blanc grown in these spots, but what is there produces wines like this one: poised, more bright melon and citrus - just the way it should be.

2017 Belle Glos "Eulenloch" Pinot Noir
Release Price: $75.00 
SALE Price: $34.99 (net)
SAVE 53%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

You know it. You love it. So we obviously put it on sale!

2019 Carmita Red Blend
Release Price: $15.00
SALE Price: $7.99 (net)
SAVE 47%
Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Recently Almansa has been considered to be hot for high quality wines, but a century ago Almansa produced high quality wines, albeit at that time they were sweet ones. They used Alicante Bouschet, but today they call it Garnacha Tintorera, they nixed the sweet, and they mix it with 30% Monastrell to make this wickedly powerful red wine.

2019 Benieres Chardonnay
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 50%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

The vast vineyards of France’s Languedoc hold many well-known grapes, including Chardonnay that is friendly and accessible. This one is gathered from organic vineyards on the Aspères plateau with its excellent marl and limestone soils. The winemaking is straightforward – stainless steel fermenters and just enough lees stirring to enrich the texture and flavors. We love finding wines like this!

2020 Escorlada
winestore. Price: $19.99
SALE Price: $17.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 10%
Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Spanish wine is a bargain, right? It’s been that way for decades, though it’s only been in the last ten or fifteen years that the wider world has dropped some in their gullets and said, wait, this costs how much? Certainly, less than it should. It doesn't take geniuses to notice it, so we’re not making any claims to our own brilliance. In the case of this Garnacha Tintorera, we’re pretty sure we’ve found what may be the best sub $20 wine we have ever tasted. Spain has done it again!

2019 Clos Delfines
Release Price: $18.00
SALE Price: $10.99 (net)
SAVE 39%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Albarino is Spain's most successful white wine and Clos Delfines is a benchmark for the style: crisp, green apple, pear and peach skins.

2020 Pikorua Sauvignon Blanc
Elsewhere in NC: $18.99
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 47%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Marlborough continues to be a great source of tangy Sauvignon Blanc, but increasingly it has more complexity than the usual that the country has produced.

2018 Benieres Pinot Noir
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 50%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Fresh and fruity Pinot Noir from the Pays d'Oc, a region warm enough and varied enough to allow even persnickety Pinot Noir to find its happy place.

2018 Waccamaw Proprietary Red
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 60%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Put together a bunch of passionate kids (some with backgrounds selling wines for legends such as Eric Solomon and Martine Saunier) deeply immersed in the California biz and you can find some pretty tasty wines. That's what they did and that's what we have here.

2019 Rocoiseau Viognier
Release Price: $12.99
SALE Price: $7.99 (net)
SAVE 38%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

More than a half century ago Viognier was forgotten; near extinct. In the 1980s things blew up, with acreages quintupling. There were a few successes, but most just didn't do justice to the grape. Winegrowers eventually found the ideal conditions, while the Viogniers of the Rhone have become pricey and sought-after. Elevated spots in the Pays d’Oc are this wine’s source; to a great degree this is the grape’s frontier now.

2019 P/N Pinot Noir
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net)
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the US!

If Baron Ziegler and his team have taught us anything, it is they are churning out some of the most delicious, inexpensive wine in all of California.

2019 Kingstree Proprietary Red
Release Price: $45.00
SALE Price: $19.99 (net)
SAVE 56%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

I'll be honest. Wines of this quality at this price are few and far between as vintners continue to try and stretch their prices further and further. It's a big and bold red from your friends at Pavilion...these guys know what they are doing!

2018 Overbrook Cabernet
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $8.99 (net)
SAVE 55%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

In the world of sub- $15 wine, Overbrook Cabernet is a revelation. I guess this is what happens when you put world class vineyard sites in a partnership with world class winemaking team and an extreme focus on quality and value. We need more of these in the world!!

2019 Kingstree Cabernet
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net)
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

This is a tasty little gem unearthed by the pros at Banshee Wines. Banshee, started by three guys who just happened to like wine and wanted an excuse to be out west, hasn't been around long but they sure have kicked off righteously during their short career. They’ve always been focused upon cooler climate sites, especially with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and at the prices they offer their wines, it’s no surprise that things have gone swimmingly well.

2019 Terrasses de la Mer
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $9.99 (net)
SAVE 50%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

So, is it okay if I predict that Sauvignon Blanc becomes the world’s most widely planted grape in the next decade? In southern France, with the collection of hills, valleys, and plains rolling down to the Mediterranean, it thrives. Sure, the plains are not where you grow Sauvignon Blanc, but there are plenty of other spots where you do. There these wines are vibrant, expressive and tangy – and it’s rare that those three descriptors go together.

2019 Orlaida Red Blend
Release Price: $25.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 48%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Bodegas Lo Nuevo's success has allowed them to spread their wings to other prestigious regions. Their Montsant projects have brought them perhaps even more fame than in Jumilla. Orlaida could become a benchmark for the potential of Montsant. The vineyards for their Garnacha are at 2,000 ft. in altitude in the area of Cornudella de Montsant, with Priorat like slate soils. Cariñena vineyards in Darmós and Masrig are on clay soils, and the Syrah vines are located on limestone.

2019 Solanilla
Release Price: $42.00
SALE Price: $19.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 52%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Verdejo can have a layered texture all its own, and this dead ringer for high end California Chardonnay proves that Spain is the current global King of insane quality for extreme value.

2020 SWIMBAD White Wine
Release Price: $15.00
winestore. Price: $9.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 33%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

Swimbad White is a tangy, refreshing white wine from southwest France, an ideal source of seafood worthy wines. The Bordeaux region has been reliant upon Sauvignon Blanc for decades, that much is well-known, but other, less celebrated grapes have been crucial in Bordeaux. Colombard is a relatively neutral grape but, every now and then, in the right spot, the grape takes on texture and richness. Between the tangy citrus of Sauvignon Blanc and the weight of Colombard, this embodies both the classic style of traditional French white wine and the very modern pursuit of fresh fruity flavors.

2019 La Petite Gargotte Blanc
Release Price: $14.99
SALE Price: $7.99 (net) per bottle
SAVE 47%
Lowest Online Price in the USA!

The Comte Tolosan region encompasses famed wine regions: Jurancon, Cahors and Armagnac. Typically, the white wines are based upon neutral grapes like Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche, or more aromatic grapes like Petit Manseng or Gros Manseng. While few of these grapes have distinctive personalities, if you put them into a harmonious blend, they can be pretty charming.

2019 Snowvale Cabernet
Release Price: $20.00
SALE Price: $10.99 (net)
SAVE 45%

Lowest Online Price in the USA!

It's no surprise that I love Snowvale Cabernet. It's classic California; ripe fruit, full-bodied, hints of spice, firm tannins, and an intense yet balanced finish. The surprise is that it's only $13. This is one to buy by the case. Just don't tell your friends how much you paid.

*discount cannot be applied to wines already on sale - marked "net

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