Blind Taste Belle Glos against $15-$25 Rivals!


Blind Taste 2021 Belle Glos "Balade"

Saturday January 7th, 2022
11am - 8pm
All Day Long!

With all of the awesome Pinot Noirs coming in stock, and to celebrate the New Year, we just had to go ahead and put on a favorite Blind Tasting event of ours...

That's right, it's time to pull the blind tasting train back into the station and convene for our 12th Semi-Annual Belle Glos Blind Tasting! 

Like we have said many times before, if you don't know the price, can't see the label, and can't hear someone barking in your ear about the wine's "score," then all that is left is the juice and your taste buds. It's a scary proposition for any winemaker. That's why you have marketing departments that design catchy labels, create campaigns to build a wine's image, and spend all of their time and energy essentially trying to convince consumers that a wine is great. The problem is that you can't out "market" a blind tasting.

Which is why we're playing "Find the Belle Glos" this Saturday. It's simple really. Eight wines will be tasted blind on the tasting machine. One of them will be 2021 Belle Glos "Balade" Pinot Noir and the others will be an assortment of Pinot etc. at every price point from a number of different regions. All you have to do is taste and pick your favorite. Yes, that's right, your favorite. If that's the Belle Glos, then great, if not, well that's OK too. You may be surprised as to what your favorites actually are. To get through all 8 wines will be $8!

Get ready to taste some amazing Pinot Noir! We will announce the winners next Tuesday!

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