New Eric Solomon Project!


2020 Trencalos Blanco

Release Price: $17.00
SALE Price: $12.99 (net)
SAVE 24%

Lowest Online Price in the US!

*Curbside Pickup Always Available*

You all know we love all things Eric Solomon here at winestore., and it has been awhile since we have seen a new value project from that outfit.

So suffice it to say, we are extremely pumped to be able to offer you Trencalos today.

Added bonus? We bought every single bottle of the entire first vintage for our stores. That's right, you don't need to share this Solomon gem with anyone else 😂

What's up with the wine?

Amongst the many still unknown wine regions of Spain is Terra Alta, with limestone hills set above the Mediterranean, surprisingly near better known spots like Priorat and Penedes. Eric Solomon's specialty is finding these regions, locating the best producer in the region, and bringing them to market.

This Garnatxa Blanca (white Grenache) is an excellent example of why this region is about to become the new thing in value wine. Refreshing, tangy, bracing, crisp and with mineral notes in the finish. Oh, it's also 100% Organic.

We will have it on the white wine machines at all stores so you can take a peek for yourselves (just in case you don't trust us at this point 😁)

As always, THANK YOU for your business...we are humbled by the opportunity to serve you each and every day.

To order you can:


E-mail us HERE


Call ASHEVILLE @ 828-417-7305

Call CAMERON VILLAGE @ 919-747-9077

Call CHAPEL HILL @ 984-234-0446

Call WILMINGTON @ 910-239-9479

Call MORRISVILLE @ 919-694-5028

Call SOUTHPARK @ 704-442-4024

Call BLAKENEY @ 704-443-2944

Call LAKE NORMAN @ 704-892-5662

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