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2018 Anderson's Conn Valley Napa Valley Cabernet

Release Price: $58.00 (Click HERE to see)
SALE Price: $34.99 (net)
SAVE 40%

Lowest Price in the US!

We continue to recommend using our website (HERE) and choosing in store / curbside pickup, and we will walk your order out and place it in your car.

A couple of times this year we have gotten those "once in a" type deals as wineries continue to try and move product that was normally sold to restaurant channels.

This is one of those deals.

All across the California wine industry, Napa particularly, has been a place that attracted those wanting to fulfill their winemaking dreams and even if the businesses last a decade or two, they usually get bought up by someone else with more understanding and skills in the industry. Gus Anderson was one of the few who actually put in the hard work; sure, he was an orthodontist who decided to be one of those “hobbyists” but
Gus truly worked to understand and succeed in the business. Most importantly, he and his wife (and his son Todd) planted some extremely good vineyards and those vines are still chugging along and producing
great stuff, even if Gus is no longer with us (he passed away a few years ago). The winery to this day is still with the family, and those vineyards, and their decades of know how, are producing some absolutely
awesome wine.

So while inexpensive it is not, if you want a ridiculous deal on a Napa Valley icon to help get you through until
the election :) , you may want to grab a few bottles. I know I am!

Happy Wednesday!

To order you can:


E-mail us HERE

Call CAMERON VILLAGE @ 919-747-9077
Call CHAPEL HILL @ 984-234-0446
Call WILMINGTON @ 910-239-9479
Call MORRISVILLE @ 919-694-5028
Call SOUTHPARK @ 704-442-4024
Call BLAKENEY @ 704-443-2944
Call LAKE NORMAN @ 704-892-5662

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