1. Single Vineyard Zinfandel for $14.99!

    Posted by Poster about 14 hours ago

    2009 Marcucci Fava Brothers Zinfandel

    Winery Price: $28.00 (Click HERE to see)
    Winestore Price: $14.99 (net)
    SAVE 46%

    Only 26 cases available

    What if I told you I could sell you 100% Single Vineyard Zinfandel from the Russian River Valley for only $14.99? You probably would not believe me...but 'tis true. I have 2009 Marcucci Farms Fava Brothers Vineyard Zinfandel available for you at $14.99 (net).

    To be honest, I had never heard of Marcucci Farms or Fava Brothers Vineyard until last week....but I am loving them now. They've apparently been on the farming scene since the early 20th Century, which is all well and good, but how are the wines? We tasted this little gem and when we were notified of the "take it all" price for only 30 cases of wine we jumped all over it. We threw it on the tasting machine last weekend and 4 cases went right out the door (hence the reason there are only 26 cases left).

    So if you are into big and bold red Zinfandel, this is for you. 15 bones for some ridiculous wine that is certain to pair well with burgers on the grill this weekend...just sayin'.

    To order you can:

    Order ONLINE by clicking HERE

    Call SOUTHPARK @ 704-442-4024

    Call BLAKENEY @ 704-443-2944

    Call LAKE NORMAN @ 704-892-5662

  2. 2011 Clio Is Back!

    Posted by Poster 4 days ago

    2011 Clio Is Here!

    Winestore Price: $39.99 (net)

    40 six packs available

    70% Monastrell / 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

    So, we were planning on doing a special Rhone deal today and then 40 six packs of Clio showed up at our door. So obviously we have to send that information out!

    Many of you know this wine - it is easily one of the most popular wines we have ever sold, year in and year out. Our distributor for this wine, which is becoming a behemoth on the east coast, apparently got some more wine from Bodegas El Nido for being so powerful and paying their bills on time. I guess that is how it goes in the distributor game. Pay your bills - get more goodies.

    So just in time to enjoy with some friends and family this weekend, your Clio is here!

    To order you can:

    Order ONLINE by clicking HERE

    Call SOUTHPARK @ 704-442-4024

    Call BLAKENEY @ 704-443-2944

    Call LAKE NORMAN @ 704-892-5662

  3. Rhone Extravaganza Tasting!

    Posted by Poster 5 days ago

    Rhone Extravaganza!
    Saturday April 19th, 2014
    11am - 8pm


    2011 Marcoux Vieilles Vignes
    2012 Marcoux Cotes du Rhone
    2012 Pesquie Terrasses
    2012 Lafage Bastide Miraflors
    2012 Moillard Les Violettes
    2011 Lafage Tessellae GSM
    2011 Perrin Cotes du Rhone Villages
    2010 Donelan Cuvee Christine
    2012 Belle Provencale
    2012 Lafage Cote Est
    2010 Clos D'Agon Blanco

    The Moillard Cotes du Rhone e-mail special we are running got us thinking. We haven't done a focused Rhone varietal tasting in a long time. I mean, we all love Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Marsanne Roussanne and every other grape variety that makes loving Rhone so right. We'll even be offering another insane deal in an e-mail tomorrow to start the weekend off right!

    So this weekend we're breaking out Rhone Rangers from all over the world - of course we have the Chateauneuf du Pape, we've got a California powerhouse, we've got the Perrin family from Beaucastel, we've got a white Chateauneuf ringer from Spain...we've got everything for those of you who, like us, are obsessed with all things Rhone.

    We'll also be covering all price ranges - from $9.99 to $159.99 - so if you're having family in this weekend you can allocate dollars accordingly based on how well they've been treating you :)

    We hope you can swing by and taste with us this weekend. We'll hopefully have the doors open (anyone else sick of switching between the AC and the Heat?) and the vino will be flowing!

    We'll see you this weekend!

  4. Your New Daily Drinker For $9.99...

    Posted by Poster 6 days ago

    2012 Moillard "Les Violettes"

    Release Price: $14.99 (Click HERE to see)
    Winestore Price: $9.99
    SAVE 33%

    Save an additonal 10% in a mixed case!

    Can we speak for a minute about bottle shapes and sizes? Most wines come in a standard Burgundy or Bordeaux bottles (the skinny ones or the fat ones) and for good reason...wines in odd shaped bottles are a pain in the rear end. They cost more to ship, they cost more to label, they cost more to produce - they usually are nothing but trouble. That is why when I see a bottle of wine in some odd shaped glass, I know the person in charge is serious about their vino. It just takes a little more TLC.

    So when someone dropped this wine off, and told us the price, we were intrigued. 10 bones and in a weird looking bottle? How could this be? After the first taste it was go time - we ordered it last Friday and without even sending out a newsletter, all three stores sold out of their initial drop. We knew we were onto something.

    This wine, mostly Grenache with a chunk of Syrah and some Mourvedre, is a product of a well-known Burgundian negociant. It is soft and immediately drinkable; indeed, it drinks best at a certain velocity, if you catch our drift. There is nothing not to like. The bottle is awesome, the price is right and the juice is loose (sorry, but we had to...)

    So let's celebrate spring break like it's 1996 with some much better libations.

    To order you can:

    Order ONLINE by clicking HERE

    Call SOUTHPARK @ 704-442-4024

    Call BLAKENEY @ 704-443-2944

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  5. 2013 Butter Chardonnay Has Arrived!

    Posted by Poster 11 days ago

    2013 Butter Chardonnay

    Regular Price: $18.99
    Winestore Price: $14.99 (net)
    SAVE 21%

    It's back in action - and we're pretty sure you don't need us to tell you what kind of Chardonnay this is - the name says it all :)

    Folks, you have been asking about when this is going to be back in stock like 30 times a day for the last eight weeks. The truck has finally arrived and the wine is ready to roll!

    Last year, week after week we had customers ask if we could deliver them some Butter Chardonnay at a winestore style price. So naturally we hit the streets and secured oodles of Butter Chardonnay at the ever so friendly price of $14.99 (net) per bottle. It went bonkers, although the winery had a bit of a supply hiccup over the last 2 months.

    So short and sweet today folks - we're gonna have to say this wine pairs pretty well with the current weather situation!

    To order you can:

    Order ONLINE by clicking HERE

    Call SOUTHPARK @ 704-442-4024

    Call BLAKENEY @ 704-443-2944

    Call LAKE NORMAN @ 704-892-5662

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